Have you ever envisioned the Google logo in plain black letters? Can you think of Windows written as flat as a name plate? Would you equally be comfortable with Facebook if it appears as a white board to you? The very first thought only makes you feel No Way! Reason is the attachment of your eyes with what these brands manifest with a unique user interface. All of these and many with these became brands because they did something never happened before. They became your favorite brands because they reached out your brains being folded in exclusive Branding Design Services. Planting the seeds of a business, you immensely wish the roots to go deeper and firmer, the branches to bloom higher and wider. To be big, you think big, you do big and at last you make big. That is how a Brand takes birth. But, the brand makers should not make a small skip of not furnishing the interface. Just like you portray your family in a beautiful photograph and put it in the display area, characterize your business also in a sound frame of Brand Design.

Elements of Brand Design

A brand design houses the following elements:

Innovative Name

As they say, the Name is enough. Do not take it easy naming your brand. Name lasts forever; not the person. Come up with a worthy and classic name. Cause a click in people’s mind when they hear about you.

Visionary Logo

Logo becomes the identity of your organization. How disgusting you feel when you see your bad photograph on election card! Identity should really be beautiful. The network operator Idea seems expressive by name with ! instead of i. Playing with one character directly brings out the conception of Idea. Design an artistic brand logo with efficient logo making tools.

Amazing icon

Iconing your brand name works so magnificently that teachers must be teaching the nursery kids saying that f stands for FacebookJ. Give an unconventional icon to your brand name.

Prolific Tagline

You cannot meet every person and say what your brand is about. A tagline can do your work. The L’Oreal with its tag line – Because your’e worth it, touches the women hearts emotionally and thus adding the number of customers. Wrap your productivity in one line and make it your brand tag line.

Captivating Theme

Theme is the hard or soft user interface you attach with your brand. Optional but works great where matters. The Chocolate Room restaurants emphasize Chocolate color in construction and furniture. This is how they say about their brand. Applying a distinct theme adds a big weight to your brand.

DOs and DON’Ts

Take care of following points when designing your brand.

Keep it Simple and Straightforward

I am not referring dullness by simplicity, it is about classiness. Picture out a simple yet a fascinating brand design.

Don’t color it like a rainbow

Over colors might look like a rainbow that definitely does not create a good impression. Pick some cool and warm but specific colors to go on.

Make it Printable, Sharable and Readable

Do not confuse the viewer with dancing letters or complex design. Neither be it too huge to share on social media platforms.

Enlighten with the actual meaning

Do not mismatch the brand design from actual purpose of your business. Connect with care.

Pleasant to eyes and sweet to ears

Mind interprets what eyes and ears supply it. Make the viewer’s vision clean and hearings clear with brand design.

Swift Taglines

Do not stretch out the taglines. Make it swift to speak and catchy to remember.

Emerge a nice tone with Tagline

Do maintain the tone of the tag line. Do not make it sound ordering or requesting, let it sound polite and convincing.

The Customers value the brands a lot. The Brand design pulls the customers to your business keeping you from being pushy. That is how the Brand Design boosts your business to unreachable heights.

Do not stretch out the taglines. Make it swift to speak and catchy to remember.


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